Lansdowne Ladies Dinner

September 15, 2017  7:30PM

We are pleased to announce Rosie Foley as our guest speaker at this year’s Lansdowne Ladies Dinner on Friday 15th of September at 7.30pm.

Tickets are €75 and you can book your place/table by contacting 01 6689300


As you know every year, The Lansdowne Ladies Event is a fundraiser for a cause close to the hearts of our club. In the last two years, we have raised money for a life changing operation for The Sundance Kids (the 2 grandsons of current Club President Michael ‘Butch’ Cassidy) and then for Enable Ireland, a local facility that assists children and parents who face the same challenges. In that spirit, this year’s beneficiary

 is the family of former Irish International Eric Miller. Eric and his wife Jenny adopted a beautiful little girl called Nisha with Cerebral Palsy and they are launching a fundraising campaign to raise funds for the same operation that the Sundance Kids benefitted from. We thought you’d like to hear from the Millers as to how they met and fell in love with Nisha so Eric shared the following with us:


“The original premise of our trip was based on a 3-5 year coaching stint at a well-known school in Central Sri Lanka. I thought the challenge of coaching in a different culture would give me an invaluable experience. We certainly got more than we bargained for!


In advance of an impromptu visit by Jenny via our Church to an orphanage, she encountered Nisha. The connection was instant and I know Jenny at the time felt a strong sense that she was to adopt this little girl. After many long conversations and lots of prayers, we felt it was right to investigate the possibility of adopting Nisha.


We were aware that the process would move slowly in a third world country so after many tumultuous up and downs and red tape we finally adopted Nisha on 23rd March 2016.

Many more challenges would arise trying to get her a visa and subsequent recognition as an Irish Citizen but eventually it all worked out.

The blessing she has been to all our family and to those she meets has melted much of the heartache that was endured throughout the whole journey.


With the family finally resettled, we have turned our eyes towards affording her the best opportunity to walk on her own one day.

We know the road will be long but due to the success of the SDR treatment based in St Louis USA which many Irish families have undertaken over the last numbers of years, we are excited at giving her the same chance.


We know that many associated with Lansdowne FC would attest to the success of Ned and Michael Hickeys treatment (Grandsons of President Michael Cassidy) and it is our hope that Nisha can be afforded the same opportunity.


Myself and Jenny are so honoured and greatly humbled by the generosity of all at Lansdowne |Football Club and in agreeing to offer us the Ladies lunch as a launch towards fundraising for Nishas SDR Treatment.


We look forward to meeting you all there.




We are delighted to be supporting the Millers and look forward to a special evening. We would very much appreciate your support!