Harry Jack

Harry attended UCC before joining Lansdowne where he won his first two caps against Scotland and Wales in 1914 just before the start of the First World War during which Internationals were suspended until 1919 – 1920.  He might very well have won many more caps were it not for the suspension of the Internationals.  The Club was also affected by the War and no matches were played between 1914 and 1919 when the War ended.

Harry joined Lansdowne in the 1920/’21 season and won his third and final cap at scrum half in the match against Wales at Balmoral in Belfast on the 12/3/1921.

He had meanwhile joined the British Colonial service and spent most of his career abroad and several for a period as Minister for Agriculture in Figi.

He gained an OBE for his Colonial service and was President of Lansdowne in 1959 –

Player Stats

Position Out half
First cap   v Scotland 28/2/1914
Last cap   v Wales 12/3/1921
Caps Three