Apr 30, 2013

A great time was had by all when the U8’s season reached an epic climax last Sunday with the most anticipated game of the season between the boys and the parents. The whole year had been building up to this match and the both sides  were well and truly ready for it.

This season has been a special one for the boys as they were allowed tackle for the first time. The coaches have been incredibly impressed by the huge strides made by all the players over the season with many tackles even BOD would be proud of. Progress was on such a scale that the parents thought it would be best if last Sundays games were tip only! This didn’t deter the boys one bit and they launched into both games with total commitment, running balls from every corner of the pitch. The parents’ teams were taken aback by the speed of the game and it took them awhile to get their breath ( the whole game for some ) but they eventually hit their stride.

No matter how hard the parents tried though they just couldn’t quite match up to the boys’ skill levels and were narrowly beaten in both games. After handshakes were exchanged between the sides everyone headed into the clubhouse. Luke Healey, Chairman of Lansdowne mini rugby and Dermot McCarron, the club President joined us in the club house to say a few words and to award all of the boys their medals for a wonderful season. 

A big thank you is due to the boys, coaches and parents for the huge effort put in by everyone over the season and we look forward to seeing you all again in September.

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