Meet Adam Griggs

Sep 14, 2014

Adam Griggs is another new face in the club this season and marked his Lansdowne AIL debut last Saturday against Dolphin with a try. "Griggsy" hails from New Zealand originally but has been settled in Ireland for a long time having previously played with Suttonians and Blackrock.

Full name Adam Griggs
Date of birth 26th November 1985
Place of birth

Mosgiel ,Dunedin NZ

Height 1.79m
Weight 91kg
School Catholic Cathedral College, CHCH, NZ
Position Scrum-half
Club Canterbury U16/18/19/21
Canterbury Crusaders development
Tasman Makos ITM squad
Leinster 'A'

Porsche or Ferrari?

Ferrari, love to go fast

Muhammad Ali or Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan so much skill.!

Pizza or Chips?


Gym, Training or Running?

Training.. Can't get enough of a rugby ball in my hands!

Favourite Rugby Ground?

RDS - love how close the crowd can get to the game

Who do you most admire in rugby and why?

Dan Carter- admire the way he can control and win a game with all skills needed in rugby - Running , passing, vision , kicking , tackling = Total package

If you could have a front row seat to any sporting event what event would that be?

NBA finals..  awesome skills and athletes. Admire what they can do in the air and with the ball in hand Plus you get a best of 7 series!

Most memorable Rugby experience?

Winning the British and Irish cup with Leinster 'A' in 2013 in over time, away.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?

Sitting in the front row of a stand up comedian grilling me over how long I'd been dating the girl (my now fiancée) next to me. It was only our 2nd date and he asked a lot of questions I couldn't answer about her...crowd had a good old laugh at me!

Sum up your outlook on life in 5 words or less…

Smile laugh & live every moment.


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