Meet Jack Dilger

Sep 22, 2014

Jack Dilger has joined Lansdowne from Trinity this season and made his AIL debut in our opening game against Dolphin and got his first AIL start last Saturday against Cork Con. If Jack looks familiar to Lansdowne supporters there is very good reason as Jack is the nephew (and god son) of the one and only Paddy "Basher" Boylan! So if you want to impress Basher in the bar you will need to take note of the Jack Dilger fact file below!

Name Jack Dilger
Date of Birth 7th July 1991 
Place of Birth Dublin
Height 1.86m
Weight 105kg
School Clongowes Wood College
Position No 8/Flanker
Representative Honours Leinster schools U18 (2009)
Leinster U19 (2010)
Irish Universities (2014)

Tony Soprano or Nidge?


Coppers or Krystle?


Porsche or Ferrari?


Morning, noon or night?   


If you could time warp yourself to any point in history when would it be, who would you hang out with? 

Tiger Woods anytime before 2010

Who do you most admire in rugby and why?

Maybe Brad Thorn, great professional with a great career in 2 codes

Most memorable Rugby experience?

My first junior cup match in Donnybrook, just because of the nerves

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Somewhere in California, San Diego maybe

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?

Caught streaking through my college on CCTV

To borrow a phrase from your uncle is there one club you hate?

No Comment!

Sum up your outlook on life in 5 words or less…

Nolo contendere


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