U11’s Lansdowne – Trip to Galwegians Oct 25th

Nov 17, 2013

U11’s Lansdowne – Trip to Galwegians Oct 25th

It was an early start for our first trip of the season. After meeting at Elvery's Lansdowne Road at 7.20 am, we were soon heading westward-bound.

Our now firmly entrenched bus quiz was supplemented by fun and interesting facts about Galway City and its rugby heritage by coach JJ Ryan.

After a brief spell of what we hoped was the prospect of good weather, the heavens opened and it felt like a continuous watering can outpouring on our heads. It was all systems go as this was the first major test of the season. Both teams had a fairly decent start and things were looking good.

However, during one of Lansdowne’s first matches it felt like the wind, the rain and the referee were in our faces!

Team coached by Dan Berman and Colin Mackay

This teams’ first match against the West was fairly evenly matched and well fought. However a breakaway try from Galwegians secured full time victory.

Their second match was again marked by very dogged defence on both sides. However a 2 V 1 halftime score by Galwegians was negated in the second half by a great recovery from the Lansdowne players to secure a full time victory of 3 V 2 tries, in very inclement weather conditions.

Team coached by Ronan Phelan and JJ Ryan

The scrumming was great in both matches coached by JJ & Ronan. However, the Galwegian players proved very adept. We had accommodated Galwegians by not doing contested scrums as they had not practiced them in training. The short lineouts by Lansdowne also worked very well.

Both teams had a testing second match, particularly in the first half. However, the Lansdowne players recovered well and were more battle-hardened for the second half.

Both Lansdowne teams had some grueling encounters with all players getting a chance to play on the pitch and some players showing great individual passing and scoring skills.

After the match we reconvened the short distance to the nearby Connacht Hotel, where the food for the players was generously supplied by Galwegians.

The matches against Galwegians were a baptism of fire. Although the weather played its part, Galwegians defence was stalwart. However, it was a great opportunity to put into practice our contested lineout and scrum-focused training at Lansdowne Road.

They were big games for coaches and players alike and Lansdowne were well able to match the intensity & pace….if only the weather had been more benign!

Thanks to all the players and the parents who braved the elements to support us and Coaches Colin Mackay, Daniel Berman, JJ Ryan, Ronan Phelan and Eoin Tonge,

You’re encouragement and support mean a lot to both players and coaches. See you for next trip to Cashel in January !


Mel Duignan, Head Coach Lansdowne Under 11’s


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