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We have a limited number of tickets for the 6 Nations away games in Scotland and Wales. If you would like to be entered into the draw for those, please email

Please note that tickets for the Italy game are not being distributed through clubs, see details below:

“In Italy it is now a requirement that for all sporting events, tickets are issued with full name printed on the ticket which must match the passport of the supporter entering the stadium.  As a result of this the FIR are no longer providing an allocation of tickets to the IRFU for distribution thorough our club network.  I also asked for a priority sale for each branch, but they confirmed they are not able to do this either.  Therefore, all tickets must be purchased direct from their website.  Fans can choose the language by going on the upper right side of the opening page; To purchase buyers who are not already registered on Ticketone will be asked to do so. 

To help fans who, wish to buy 10+ tickets (groups, clubs etc) they can purchase directly from the FIR ticket office by emailing “



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