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As you know, traditionally in this week in November, we would hold a service in the Clubhouse to pay our respects to all deceased members, their families and friends, particularly those who have passed away in the last year. Current restrictions being what they are, we were unable to gather in the usual fashion but the President Colin Goode, Vice President Stephen Rooney and Junior Vice President Michael Dawson have a recorded a short video which will be on our website in the coming days.

In the meantime, we’d like to remember the following members and friends who we have lost over the past 12 months.

May they rest in peace.

May they rest in peace.

John Brennan
Elisabeth Burton
Anne Carroll
Ronnie Cosgrave
Tom Cunniam
Bridget Downer
Steve Dowrick
Annette Dwyer
Patricia Galvin
Bill Harrington
Andrew Kenny
Jenny Leddin
Michéle Lydon
Bill McEntee
Bree Meagher
Denise Moloney
James Morris
Paul Murphy
Mary O’Shea
Colm O’Shea
Maria O’Sullivan (Née McEntee)
Bernadette Sherry
Bridie Stronge
Jack Sullivan
Andy Torrie
John K Woods

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