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In these difficult times, the club has been starved of many of its sources of funds, however thanks to the generosity and competitive spirit of many members the long-standing Lansdowne Club Draw is still operating and is about to start again this weekend.

The first of the 6 draws is taking place this Sunday at halftime during the Ireland v Wales 6 Nations Game.  The draw provides much-needed funding for the rugby activities of the club providing equipment and expertise for the players to continue to play the brand of rugby we love in Lansdowne.

For those of you already in it, we thank you once again for your contribution and hope that its yielded some prize money for you.  It genuinely has made a huge difference to the club’s fund raising ability and particularly this year, as our revenues have been so badly affected.   To all those who have won prizes from it in the past, a total of €7,500 in cash every year, we hope you’ve enjoyed it!

How it works:

There are 2 cash prizes for every draw, €1000 for the 1st prize and €250 for the 2nd and you have a chance at winning in each of the 6 draws.

There are 3 categories you can enter:

1 ticket per draw for €120 per year and based upon a total pot of around 180 people currently, the odds of winning something are around 90/1

3 tickets per draw for €240 per year with odd of winning something around 30/1

6 tickets per draw for €360 per year with odds of winning something around 15/1

But if you’re not in you can’t win, so click HERE today to register and pay for one of the draw options.

The deadline to be included in the first one is 5pm this Friday, February 5th 2021, so don’t delay, SIGN UP today.

Someone has to win and we hope it is you!

Colin Goode
President 2020-21

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