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Lansdowne F.C. – Social/Corporate Tag Rugby 2024

April 25, 2024 611 Views

Lansdowne F.C. is running a tag rugby league for social & corporate teams looking to join a summer league. Starting on the 12th June 2024, the competition will run for 8 weeks until the 31st July 2024.

IRFU Tag Rugby FAQ
• Q. I have never played any Rugby before, can I still play? - A. Of course you can! There is ‘no contact’ in Tag Rugby. It is easy to pick up as well as great fun. Leagues are graded according to ability.
• Q. What do I need in order to play? - A. To start with, the only truly compulsory accessory required is a pair of approved Tag rugby shorts. They must be shorts (made by any manufacturer) that bear ‘no’ pockets and sport a velcro patch on each hip for a Tag to be attached upon.
• Q. How many on a Tag team? - A. The recommended squad size for a Tag team is 12-14 players. During a game, each team must have no more than seven players on the field of play at any one time. Of the seven players on field, three must be female.*

If any member or their company is interested in partaking, please email for more details.