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Lansdowne 3 – 33 Greystones

Never ones for excuses, but we have to say it wasn’t just Greystones that beat our brave J2’s on Sunday, nor the near-arctic conditions, but it was the cruel if unfortunate schedule of games our extended group had to play – three games over five days.

Before the game started, both teams stood motionless in the blizzard for a minute’s silence in honor of our dearly departed Tash Mulligan, who had passed the day before. RIP.

Not much more can be said about this encounter.  Horrendous conditions for both sides to play in, but the Greystones’ ranks were swelled by a number of their younger players, their U 20’s game having been called off. Conversely, our squad was sorely depleted by injury and other teams’ demands and Ian “Beanser” Hopkins had to work the human equivalent of the miracle of the loaves and fishes just fielding a team.

But for the first half, you wouldn’t think the two teams were that unevenly matched. Sure, the visitors scored twice with our answer only one penalty. But it might have been even narrower than the 3 – 10 deficit at half time if our enterprising lads had opted to take the points rather than a quick penalty just before the break.

So with the wind at our backs at the second half, we seemed to be still in with a shot.  But it wasn’t to be.  The conditions worsened horribly and Greystones’ extra strength and mobility started to show. Try after try was conceded and as the wind built to storm force and the rain turned to sleet, it was just pure courage that saw our lads finish out the game with a number of attacks on the Greystones line … only to be repelled.

Every player that took to the field on Sunday deserves a medal but the ashen faces of Julien Lapassas (hooker) and shivering captain Jack Moore in particular will be burned on this match reporter’s memory for a while. Special mention also for Mick Fitzgerald who was one of the few players who played a full part in all three of the games over the five days … and he home from London for a rest!

On a final note, we hope Tash would have been proud that her beloved clubhouse was such a warm haven for the home and visiting teams alike, as we shared pizzas and warm drinks together in the bar afterwards in the true spirit of Lansdowne sportsmanship and welcome.  Thanks Tash.


RIP Tash Mulligan

Lansdowne Road in a Blizzard.


Match Report: Brian Whelan.

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