Sport is a tough business they say. And so it was for Leinster and their legion of fans on Saturday when La Rochelle lifted the Champions Cup in the Final at the Aviva Stadium. It’s a hard thing to walk away from a match without the result, but the beautiful thing about sport is that we can all enjoy each others company afterwards with mutual respect.

The La Rochelle family and friends were enjoying post-match food and drinks in Lansdowne Academy suite when the team dropped by to share their success with them.

The Lansdowne Minis were there to greet them and got some special moments from ROG and his players. La Rochelle No.6 Paul Boudenhent even graciously gave the lads his match day boots as a memento. (Size 13!)

Congratulations to La Rochelle for their Cup win and commiserations to our Leinster brothers for missing out on this one.