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Lansdowne FC have been invited to join up with RC Narbonne-Mediterranee as part of a twinning project.[spacer height=”20px”]

The aim of this twinning is to link the two clubs from Minis/Youths through to Senior teams to enable tours/matches, exchange views, make new friends, share experiences, etc.[spacer height=”20px”]

RC Narbonne-Mediterranee  play in the 2nd Level Rugby Pro D2 and is the club of the infamous Spanghero brothers, Walter & Claude, for those who can remember back a bit.[spacer height=”20px”]

Initially, RC Narbonne has invited Lansdowne to send a Mini/Youth team in June to play some matches and attend the U20 World Cup at the local stadium, where Ireland are based.[spacer height=”20px”]

Unfortunately, most of the Minis/Youths have already organised their tours for this season, but we would be hoping to send a team next year and cement this relationship.[spacer height=”20px”]

They have created a Facebook page for both clubs to interface with. And this page is for all members, players ( young and old) , coaches, parents.[spacer height=”20px”]

So please start joining in and upload news, photos on Facebook here.

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