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After the exodus of so many of last season’s junior players to Australia, the club felt it was important to keep in touch and so sent a copy of the Yearbook to cheer up the poor lonely travellers.
Special envoy and former J2 manager, Brian Whelan, was dispatched with a copy and is seen here at the Australian Open in Melbourne, presenting it to former coach, Ross Barry (right) and full back, Darragh Dennaghy.

Other Junior legends Down Under include former J2 captain Rob Kelly, Paddy Butler, Jack and Cian Mulcahy, Shane Dowling, John Clarke and Aaron Grogan. On seeing the lonely exiles in their new home, Brian commented “I’m delighted to report that the lads seem to be holding up remarkably well. It’s almost as if they’re not homesick at all!”

Each of these vagabond club men also asked to let all members know that there will be a free room and board for anyone from the club that travels to the Lions tour in July ’24!

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