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On the Aviva back pitch tonight, Greystones gave Lansdowne a lesson in grit and determination.  Bottom of the table Greystones beat Lansdowne J2’s 34-26 which was just enough to put them out of harms way but gave St. Mary’s the bottom slot.  This will certainly do them some good in terms of headspace.[spacer height=”20px”]

In what can certainly be called a ‘swings and rounabouts’ game, Lansdowne suffered heavily on the penalty count in the first half but still came out of that initial period in the lead with a well crafted try in the back-gate corner.   From the kickoff however, Greystones seemed to attack with ease gaining easy territory and three quick fire tries. [spacer height=”20px”]

Lansdowne ended the second half fighting well in ‘Stones territory but were unable to tease out the win.


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