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With the easing of some restrictions set for the 26th of April, M&Y Training will resume on Sunday 2nd of May. With that in mind, we have received some guidance from Leinster Rugby on best practice and also have some Lansdowne specific practices to share with parents and coaches.

Please bear in mind that while outdoor facilities can reopen, the clubhouse and other facilities will remain closed.

From Leinster Rugby:

“We are recommending that the following should be taken into consideration:

  • The extended period of inactivity for all young people
  • The focus should be on Fun and Enjoyment at all times
  • Retraining and Reconditioning players on their rugby skills and multi directional movement
  • Non-Contact Rugby of Touch and Tag can be played in pods of 15
  • No pads, bags or shields are permitted.
  • Although not mandatory, masks are recommended for all non-playing members, even in an outdoor setting.”

We ask parents to bear in mind the following when planning to bring their children for training.

  • Avoid car sharing
  • Keep social distance
  • Provide own water, no shared bottles
  • Use masks where appropriate
  • Come to training, then depart immediately
  • If at the back pitch at Lansdowne HQ, please be conscious that the Aviva is also a vaccination centre.  Take direction from official stewards.  Be careful with parking.

We look forward to seeing you back next week!!

You can see the fixtures HERE


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