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NB: Six Nations: Clubhouse / Members Bar Access


The Executive of the Club wishes to advise all members that the following restrictions will apply for post-match access to the Clubhouse during the Six Nations;

  1. Members bar: Clubhouse access to members and their guests will be restricted to members in possession of a 2022-23 membership card only.
  2. Main Function Rooms (Upstairs and Downstairs): Clubhouse access, and access to these function rooms will be restricted to guests in possession of Corporate Wristbands.
  3. External bar: will be open to all non-club members.

Clubhouse access will be controlled by an external security company who will not be familiar with individual club members. As a result, you will not be able to gain access to the Clubhouse without a valid Corporate Wristband, or a current Membership card.


If your subscription is outstanding, please contact the office to organise payment and your card can then be issued.

Please note that life members are not required to obtain a new membership card each season, as those issued last year are valid in perpetuity.

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