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We featured the Pro Rugby Pod previously, a podcast created by former 1st XV team player Brian Moylett, now playing and coaching in Vancouver, Canada. In recent weeks, Brian has produced a couple of episodes that we thought would be of particular interest to the Membership.

First up Brian talks to former 1st team coach Mike Ruddock, now Development Director at Ospreys Rugby about lessons learned from 35 years coaching. They talk about:

  • The best way for you to get coaching jobs in rugby.
  • What he did to turn the Ospreys around, from bottom to challenging for top.
  • Advice for young coaches today.
  • How to know when your team will peak, and what to do to keep them there.
  • Beating himself up as a young coach
  • Giving Brian O’Driscoll, Shane Horgan and Leo Cullen their first contracts.
  • What he would have done differently as Leinster Coach.
  • What coaches today are getting wrong.
  • How you can inspire losing teams to believe in themselves.
  • Building a winning culture in teams.
  • Striking the balance as a coach between being empathetic and driving players hard.
  • What he would do differently if he was starting out again.

Secondly Brian’s conversation with Lansdowne man, 7s International and Olympian, Ian Fitzpatrick is worth a listen.

Ian was with the Irish 7s from its relaunch in 2015 right up to the Olympics in 2021. They chat about that journey from playing the likes of Malta to playing Fiji with Semi Radradra and Josh Tuisova. He talks about the nights out the team would have after tournaments and also;

  • How he felt getting released and not getting another contract.
  • Irish 7s players walking away because of contract issues.
  • How Ireland played differently to beat the big teams.
  • What it’s like playing Fiji in sevens.
  • How the Irish 7s train.
  • What the living conditions were like in the Olympic Village.
  • The food that the athletes got in Tokyo and how surprised he was with it.
  • Difficulties with negotiating contracts as a sevens player.
  • Fears he has around the sustainability of Sevens around the world.
  • Solutions that he believes could help sevens players earn a better living.
  • Marketing sevens and the selling point of the game.
  • Getting accustomed to life after rugby, and what he misses.
  • Dealing with injuries and surgeries, and any regrets he has.
  • Trying to find his identity outside of rugby.
  • How he wants to help young players.

Next up is Tom Daly in an episode entitled From Being Ready to Quit, to the Ireland Squad. Tom was very close to walking away from pro rugby a couple of years ago because things just didn’t seem to be working out. They chat about that time and also,

  • Why his time at Leinster didn’t work out.
  • The point of difference he feels he has, that got him into the Ireland squad.
  • How it felt getting selected for the Ireland squad, but then not getting capped.
  • He he would have done differently if he had his time back with Leinster.
  • Balancing a physiotherapy degree with playing pro rugby.
  • The type of business he would like to open when he hangs up the boots.
  • Why he changed agents recently.
  • The Irish international that is mentoring him.
  • Impact crowds have on players and referees.
  • Most enjoyable part of the week for him as a pro rugby player.

And finally! Tom Farrell. Brian and Tom discuss how after 3 years in the Leinster Academy, Tom was released. In fact, Tom speaks about how Leinster released him early from his contract.

After being dropped by Leinster he speaks about how he knew deep down that he was good enough to play for an Irish province and that his chance would come. So to make it happen he moved over to the English Championship, to get himself into the shop window. They chat about what the standard of play is like there, the level of professionalism and Tom talks about what salary he was on and how he gave himself a time limit of 2 years to make it happen, and get a contract with an Irish province.

Tom opens up about how he realized that his attitude needed to change, if he were to fulfill his potential. He speaks about why he was dropped by Leinster and he also explains how his recent injuries have given him a new perspective in life, and details the parts of being a pro rugby player that he now enjoys which wasn’t always the case.

Tom also explains what recovery sessions look like for the Connacht squad, and what he does personally.

you can follow Brian on instagram @offfieldrugby and subscribe to the show wherever you get your podcasts.

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