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The Irish Times recently published a piece on the old topic of how Club rugby is seen and treated on the Island of Ireland.  In an interview with Lansdowne President Kieran Mulligan, Thornley writes about how the professional game in Ireland is thriving and never in ruder health, whilst at the same time the club system is struggling and even at the top of the system, clubs like Lansdowne feel isolated.  Kieran Mulligan speaks about how his own home club, Waterpark RFC in Co. Waterford nearly went bust but for the timely intervention of some key individuals.  A fate that could await others.

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The article itself is very relevant and has spawned a lot of debate in clubhouses, on social media and in the press since.  The lads on the Club Scene Podcast have been passionate advocates of Club Rugby in all four provinces and had a fascinating discussion on their latest podcast about this and how other aspects (such as the Cara Cup) are wreaking havoc with the amateur club game.  They stress that Rugby Clubs are the beating heart of Irish Rugby and point to the multitude of good things that are going on in such clubs as Crosshaven or Barnall or indeed any Junior or Senior club anywhere in the country.

Listen to the Club Scene Podcast here – Click here

Matt Williams, Irish Times – Irish Clubs are in an unsustainable Mess – Click here

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