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It is always a tough one to host the day after a big international at the Aviva Stadium.  It seems like the clubhouse has only been vacated by the revellers from the night before when the cleaning and bar staff are back in again to make the club nice and presentable once again for our visitors and get the coffee going.

Today it was the turn of Old Wesley and Greystones under 9s to be hosted on the back pitch on Lansdowne Road.  Even though the three teams had the added distraction of training going on at both ends of the pitch, they got their grids laid out and got underway.  All the clubs are starting to show signs of emerging skills and there was good tackling, rucking and scoring a plenty.

Thanks head coach Simon McDowell for organsing the friendly blitz and to all the visiting teams, coaches and parents for coming.  See you all again soon.


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