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1. Terms and Conditions

By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions I hereby consent to my Son or Daughter participating in all activities undertaken by the club.

I agree that images of my child participating in club activities may be used in club social or promotional material.

I recognise that rugby can be a dangerous sport and I accept and appreciate the risks involved and shall not hold the club responsible for any injury that may occur. I understand a gum shield is compulsory for all training and matches.

I confirm that my Son or Daughter will act in a manner commensurate with the ethos of the Club.

In the event of illness or accident which requires emergency hospital treatment,  I hereby authorise an appointed representative of the club to sign on my behalf any written consent form which is required by any hospital authorities/doctor.  I further confirm that I have provided the Club with details of known medical conditions or allergies.

I have read the terms and rules of my membership at Lansdowne FC and understand and agree to be bound by them.

2. Club Welfare Officer (CWO)

Lansdowne FC is committed to providing a safe environment for all children that play the game. The club adheres to the approved IRFU Safeguarding policies. If you have any concerns or issues that you wish to bring to the CWO or the club’s attention, please contact the CWO at

Download the .pdf here: CWO ID Lansdowne FC

3. First Aid Cover

We strive to have first aid support in attendance at our training sessions and home matches, but this is not always possible.

4. Insurance

All mini and youths players that are registered with the club and have their yearly subscriptions paid are covered by the IRFU Group Scheme for Clubs. This insurance policy covers major incidents and is limited in its cover. It is recommended that parents have additional private health insurance in place to cover their children.

5. Vetting for Coaches

All coaches are required by law to complete Garda Vetting. This process has to be completed every three years. As part of the process for the current season, all coaches that have not previously completed the vetting process must provide copies of identification with their vetting application forms. The most up-to-date vetting forms are available on the IRFU Safeguarding page (link below). For those new to coaching for the current season, please download and have these forms completed in advance of the 1st training session. These must be checked and signed by the CWO.

6. Further reading & IRFU policies





7. Further reading & IRFU policies



8. Links to Governing Body

IRFU Code of Ethics

IRFU Safeguarding page

IRFU Age Grade rule variations