Metro League Division 2

MU Barnhall v Lansdowne J2

9 October, 2021, Maynooth University Campus


MU Barnhall 38 – 8 Lansdowne

After highs like we enjoyed the previous week, winning the Albert O’Connell Cup, deep down you know there will be lows in the season too. You just never think they’ll come so soon and be so, so low.

The details of this game are as the score line suggests. Barnhall dominated in the set pieces, scrum and lineout, tacked efficiently whenever we tried to attack and cut through us almost unanswered when they chose to do so. This was the story for most of the game. With the exception of a ten minute period after half time and the final five minutes when we managed a consolation try, Barhnall were utterly dominant.

Of course, we had a basketful of injuries and excuses. But this was a game that is best put behind us, dust ourselves off and prepare better for the next game. And prepare much, much better for the return fixture against this team.