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Former Lansdowne Player Philip “Flipper” Caldwell, 38 years of age, has always been known for his speed both on and off the pitch.  Philips’s love of rugby started in his local club, Barnhall, he then played for The Kings Hospital during his school days. After school the list of clubs that Philly played for includes, Darfield (NZ), St Marys, Blackrock, Lansdowne, Cottesloe and UWA (both in Australia), Clinchers and Japan 2019 Tag teams.

Philip recently suffered a severe spinal injury which left him with temporary paralysis from the neck down. This accident occurred  during a tag rugby match on the 13th of July 2020.

With Philly showing amazing character in the current circumstances, his friends and the wider rugby family wanted to do something to help Philly and are asking you to join in their challenge in filling the stadium virtually. Any funds raised during this evening will be held by “The Philip Caldwell Trust” and will be used to financially assist Philly in his rehab and getting back to living again. Any excess funds in the trust will be donated to the IRFU Charitable Trust (RCN 20010331) which supports other injured sports people in the rugby community.

If you would like read more about Philly’s journey and how you can help out, go HERE for further information.

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