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Dear Members,

There are many Lansdowne members, families and friends involved as front-line health care workers. It is difficult for us non medics to fully appreciate the strain, the stress and commitment of these great people and their colleagues as they deal with a high pressure situation.

As you may be aware, Doug Leddin has been involved in the sourcing and distribution of PPE equipment for those who need it most. It must be noted that all the protective equipment distributed have been pre-approved by users.

As a club, we are inviting you (as members and friends of members) to contribute to our campaign to provide this essential equipment to such workers. All monies raised will be fully applied to needs as identified to us by our medical experts and there shall be no administration or distribution expenses of any nature applied. Every € collected will go towards the cost of the equipment. Please see link to our GO FUND ME PAGE to make a donation.

We hope that our efforts will help in a meaningful way to support the many government initiatives as we all come together to support our own. Please contribute and spread the word.
Thank you

Derry Shaw
President 2019/20
Lansdowne FC

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