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Having 4 brothers playing on the same team is a relatively uncommon occurrence in any sport. The achievement of four brothers playing together on a rugby union team is a remarkable accomplishment that should be celebrated and recognised. On Saturday, 4th February, the 4 McEvoy boys – Will, Dan, Andrew and Alex – lined out for Lansdowne FC v Enniscorthy RFC in Division 2 of the Leinster Metro League.

It is not easy for four brothers to all make it to the top level of a sport and play together, but when it does happen, it is a fantastic achievement. The bond that forms between the brothers on and off the field is a testament to their shared love for the sport and their commitment to working together to achieve their goals. This type of achievement not only showcases their individual abilities, but also highlights the importance of teamwork, determination, and support; attributes that the club fosters and cultivates from minis through to the senior squad.

Enniscorthy of course is the home of Donal McEvoy, father of the four boys, who sadly passed away in 2021. Donal was a lifelong member of Lansdowne FC and no doubt, the significance of playing in their dad’s home town was not lost on the boys. As did Donal, the 4 boys have added to the history of this great club, be it their collective kindness, humour, or dedication. Also in attendance at the game was Jill McEvoy, mother of and the boy’s staunchest supporter.

What a day!

What an  historic occasion!

What a family!

What a club!

Thank you Dan, Alex, Andrew and Will.

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